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Research Interests

Machine Learning, Mathematical Modeling, Astroinformatics, Finance Technology, Brain Computer Interfacing, Image Processing


  1. Programming Languages that I have an intermediate to advanced knowledge of: Python, C, C++
  2. Programming Languages that I have a beginnier-level to intermediate knowledge of: SQL, Java, MATLAB, Processing
  3. Markup Languages: LaTeX, HTML, CSS
  4. Other technologies that I have a working knowledge of: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Android Studio, scikit-learn, scipy, numpy
  5. Relevant coursework in my undergraduate studies: Engineering Mathematics (included topics in linear algebra, differential equations, series, fourier transforms, laplace transforms, numerical methods, basic statistics, etc.) (spanning four courses across semesters), Discrete Mathematics, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Automata Theory, Pattern Recognition, System Modeling and Simulation
  6. Languages: English, Hindi, Bengali

Published Work

  1. Suryoday Basak, Saibal Kar, Snehanshu Saha, Luckyson Khaidem, Sudeepa Roy Dey, Predicting the Direction of Stock Market Price Using Tree Based Classifiers, North American Journal of Economics and Finance (Elsevier), Preprint, Link
  2. Snehanshu Saha, Suryoday Basak, Margarita Safonova, Kakoli Bora, Surbhi Agrawal, Jayant Murthy, Poulami Sarkar, Theoretical Validation of Potential Habitability via Analytical and Boosted Tree Methods: An Optimistic Study on Recently Discovered Exoplanets, submitted to Astronomy and Computing (Elsevier), Preprint, Link
  3. Suryoday Basak, Design of Assistive Speller Machine Based on Brain Computer Interfacing, Handbook of Research on Applied Cybernetics and Systems Science (2017), ISBN-13: 978-1522524984, Link
  4. Snehanshu Saha, Poulami Sarkar, Archana Mathur, Suryoday Basak, Model Visualization in understanding rapid growth of a journal in an emerging area, submitted to Journal of Scientometric Research, Preprint
  5. Surbhi Agrawal, Margarita Safonova, Kakoli Bora, Suryoday Basak, Snehanshu Saha, Note on Proxima Centauri b: Theoretical validation of potential habitability via CD-HPF, Astrobiology Newsletter, Vol.10, No.4, 2017, Link
  6. Suryoday Basak, Varun Murthy, Alternate Interface for Electronic Drum Kits Based On Computer Vision, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER), Vol.10, No.48 (Special Issues), pp.32578-32582, 2015, Link
  7. Abhijit Theophilus, Snehanshu Saha, Suryoday Basak, Jayant Murthy, A Novel Exoplanetary Habitability Score via Particle Swarm Optimization of CES Production Functions, presented at IEEE-SSCI 2018, Bangalore, India Preprint
  8. Snehanshu Saha, Archana Mathur, Kakoli Bora, Suryoday Basak and Surbhi Agrawal, A New Activation Function for Artificial Neural Net Based Habitability Classification, presented at ICACCI 2018, Bangalore, India Preprint
  9. Surbhi Agrawal, Suryoday Basak, Snehanshu Saha, Kakoli Bora, Jayant Murthy, A Comparative Analysis of the Cobb-Douglas Habitability Score (CDHS) with the Earth Similarity Index (ESI), presented at ICACCI 2018, Bangalore, India Preprint
  10. Mohammed Viquar, Suryoday Basak, Ariruna Dasgupta, Surbhi Agrawal, Snehanshu Saha, Machine Learning in Astronomy: A Case Study in Quasar-Star Classification, presented at IEMIS 2018, Kolkata, Paper to appear in Springer Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (AISC) Series Preprint


  1. Lone Star Tuition Fee Waiver Award, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Texas at Arlingon, 2018 (eligible for in-state tuiton for the academic year 2018-19; program: Master of Science in Computer Science)
  2. Best Graduating/Outgoing Student Award, Department of Computer Science, PESIT Bangalore South Campus, 2017

Papers Under Revision

  1. Abhishek Bansal, Snehanshu Saha, Archana Mathur, Gouri Ginde, Sriparna Saha, Saroj K. Meher, Sandra Anil, Swati Sampatrao Ghambhire, Sudeepa Roy Dey, Suryoday Basak, Pitfalls of Publish or Perish: A novel framework for Modeling and Ranking Internationality of Scholarly Publications, submitted to Scientometrics (SCIM), Preprint
  2. Suryoday Basak, Surbhi Agrawal, Snehanshu Saha, Abhijit Jeremiel Theophilus, Kakoli Bora, Gouri Deshpande, Jayant Murthy, Habitability Classification of Exoplanets: A Machine Learning Insight, Astronomy and Computing (Elsevier), Preprint

Research in Progress

  1. Suryoday Basak, Snehanshu Saha, Simran Makhija, title hidden
  2. Suryoday Basak, Snehanshu Saha, Kakoli Bora, Simran Makhija, Abhijit Jeremiel Theophilus, Margarita Safonova, Jayant Murthy, Gouri Deshpande, Surbhi Agrawal, CEESA Meets Machine Learning: A Constant Elasticity Earth Similarity Approach to Habitability and Classification of Exoplanets
  3. Jayant Murthy, Suryoday Basak, Preethi Krishnamoorthy, Snehanshu Saha, Archana Mathur, Simran Makhija, Exploring the GALEX Catalog with Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning

Datasets and Catalogs

  1. CEESA Catalogs: CEESA DRS Catalog and CEESA CRS Catalog
  2. CDHS Catalog


  1. Snehanshu Saha, Jayant Murthy, Madhu Kashyap, Surbhi Agrawal, Suryoday Basak, Swati Routh, Kakoli Bora, Anand Narasimhamurthy, Pros and Cons in Classification of Exoplanets: in Search for Right Habitability Metric, 36th Meeting of the Astronomical Society of India, Osmania Univeristy, Hyderabad, India, Link
  2. Suryoday Basak, Kakoli Bora, Abhijit Jeremiel Theophilus, Margarita Safonova, Surbhi Agrawal, CEESA Meets Machine Learning: A Constant Elasticity Earth Similarity Approach to Habitability and Classification of Exoplanets, Drone Computing Symposium, IEEE Bangalore Section (presented on a special track), Link
  3. Center for Applied Mathematical Modeling and Simulation, Estimating Planetary Habitability: Theory of convex optimization and metaheuristics, Link


  1. [work in progress]Snehanshu Saha, Kakoli Bora, Suryoday Basak, Gowri Srinivasa, Margarita Safonova, Jayant Murthy and Surbhi Agrawal, Machine learning in Astronomy: A Workman’s Manual, Link

Technical Reports and Working Papers

  1. Margarita Safonova, Snehanshu Saha, Jayant Murthy, Suryoday Basak, Madhu Kashyap Jagadeesh, Surbhi Agrawal, Kakoli Bora, Pros and Cons of Classification of Exoplanets: in Search for the Right Habitability Metric, ResearchGate: Link
  2. Luckyson Khaidem, Snehanshu Saha, Suryoday Basak, Sudeepa Roy Dey, Predicting the direction of stock market prices using random forest, ResearchGate: Link
  3. Suryoday Basak, Snehanshu Saha, Exposition on Random Forest: A Stock Example, ResearchGate: Link
  4. Suryoday Basak, Snehanshu Saha, Kakoli Bora, Surbhi Agrawal, Star Galaxy Separation using Adaboost and Asymmetric Adaboost, ResearchGate: Link
  5. Shubharti Dey, Yash Kumar, Snehanshu Saha, Suryoday Basak, Forecasting to Classification: Predicting the direction of stock market price using Xtreme Gradient Boosting, ResearchGate: Link

Other Reports

  1. Ajay Singh, Namitha C. Reddy, Prateek Hegde, Suryoday Basak, Choice Experiment Based Assistive Chatbot, Final year project (submitted in partial fulfillment of undergraduate curriculum), Link
  2. Varun Murthy, Suryoday Basak, Dynamic Map Generation, Computer Graphics project (submitted in partial fulfillment of undergraduate curriculum), Link
  3. Suryoday Basak, Report on Methods of Binarization, Skew Correction and Word Segmentation Employed in Indic Tools, Link

Miscellaneous Activities and Mentions

  1. Promotional video for Handbook of Research on Applied Cybernetics and Systems Science, IGI Global. Link
  2. A discussion with Dr. Robert Haralick on the Emergence of Deep Learning. Link
  3. A discussion with Dr. Laurent Najman on Deep Learning and Interdisciplinary Research. Link
  4. A Discussion with Dr. Ansgar Reiners on Discovering Exoplanets. Link
  5. Robots Don't Kill People--People Kill People by Elizabeth Leber, IGI Global. Link

Leadership and Teaching Roles

  1. Seminar guide of final year students for a curriculum-related presentation
  2. Technical Advisor, PESITSouth Computer Society Chapter, 2017-18
  3. Secretary, PESITSouth ACM Student Chapter, 2016-17

Volunteer Activities

  1. Volunteer for the first Drone Computing Symposium by IEEE Computer Society Bangalore Section
  2. Chief organizer of Machine Learning 101 workshop in PESIT Bangalore South Campus (April–May 2017)
  3. Part of organizing team of inGenius 2016 Hackathon (September 2016)
  4. Chief organizer of Python 101 workshop in PESIT-BSC (April–May 2016)
  5. Programming contest organizer in PESIT-BSC for the years 2014-2016
  6. Volunteer for TEDxPESIT-BSC 2015

External and Other Relevant Links

  1. Astroinformatics Research Group (AstrIRG)
  2. Astrostatistics and Astroinformatics Portal (ASAIP)
  3. Planetary Habitability Laboratory's Exoplanets Catalog
  4. International Astrostatistics Association (IAA)