Hi! I'm Suryo.

Researcher. Programmer. Guitarist.

I am a Ph.D. Student at Penn State.

I work on machine learning and it's applications to internet of things (IoT). I work under the guidance of Dr. Mahanth Gowda as a part of the IoT group. Click here to view my academic portfolio (it contains a list of my technical projects, publications and presentations).

I play the guitar.

When I'm not working on my research and studies, I play the guitar and post short videos on Instagram. I like progressive rock, blues and jazz, and like to improvise while I'm playing.

I like to explore.

I have a background in computer science and engineering and am naturally curious about the world around me. I spend my free time working on projects that require programming, small robots, electronics, travelling, or just observing the plants in my room!

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